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Psychiatrist in St. George, UT and Cedar City, UT

Dr. Nyberg's care philosophy

A Personalized Relationship


I believe that a healthy, caring relationship with a doctor that knows you--as a person-- is the most crucial aspect of your care.  I know all my patients, communicate with them directly outside appointments, and invite them to communicate with me  through our secure online portal.  In all aspects, I strive to make our relationship a priority in your treatment.

Therapist and Physician


Not all psychiatric medical doctors practice psychotherapy, but I choose to.  Through a caring and attuned relationship, we get to the heart of complex problems and address longstanding painful patterns of behavior and relationships.  

A Comprehensive Approach to Healing


I offer safe, evidence-based medication and non-medication treatments that address your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  I have extensive interest and expertise in both medication and effective psychotherapy, and work hard to stay ahead of the latest research to help you stay your best.