Dr. Nyberg is now employed with Serenity Mental Health Centers in Lehi, UT.

2989 West Maple Loop, Lehi, Utah 84043, United States

(801) 821-2333

Psychiatrist in LEHI, UT. Telepsychiatry services in southern utah.



I am not paneled with any insurances*. You must pay as you go.

Because of my sincere desire to base all medical decisions on what is best for you, not what is best for your insurance company, I do not accept any insurance carriers’ reimbursement fees or schedules as payment in full. 

My treatment fees are the same for all patients, regardless of insurance coverage or not, as is required by law.  I welcome patients with almost all insurance plans and I will send a claim to your insurance on your behalf once you are seen.

However, I work for you, not your insurance company.   Therefore, you are still responsible for the full price of services up front.  

Your insurance company identifies me as an "out-of-network provider", and will reimburse you whatever amount for an out-of-network provider that you have agreed to in your policy.  Disputes about coverage, preauthorization requirements, and matters not directly related to your care are between you and your insurance company. 

*UPDATE.  Currently applying for Select Health paneling with preliminary target of Sept. 2019.

How much will my insurance reimburse?

 I recommend you contact your insurance carrier to verify your benefits so you will have a general understanding of how your insurance will reimburse you for services provided by my office. Unfortunately, insurance carriers are not always willing to provide their allowable fees or disclose which billing codes they will cover. Please specifically check the coverage of out-of-network providers. 

If no in-network physician psychiatrist providers are located convenient to where you live, or if wait times for an appointment are unreasonably long, consider appealing to your insurance company to have my services reimbursed to you at an in-network rate.