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Psychiatrist in St. George, UT and Cedar City, UT


The Big Picture

Restoring the Doctor-Patient Relationship

 I choose not to be paneled with most insurances so that I can focus on providing my patients with the best possible quality of care. I believe that 3rd party payers create a conflict of interest in the doctor-patient relationship, so I have chosen to go a different way. By eliminating costs associated with billing, coding diagnoses and procedures, referrals, authorizations, payment delays, EOB reviews, claim denials, re-submissions, collection risks, and other managed care costs, I can take the time you need and deserve to provide quality services without the administrative hassles and bureaucracy.  

Since there is no adequate substitute for genuine “face-to-face” time between patient and physician for discussion of important issues, I reserve a full 1.5 hour for your initial consultation session or 3 hours for children and adolescents, divided into two 90-minute sessions. Follow-up appointments are generally 50 minutes long, but can adjust according to need and circumstance. You will not be rushed, and all your questions will be answered. 

Your first visit will include a complete history and when appropriate a focused medical examination. Lab testing or imaging studies may be ordered to exclude other medical conditions that frequently mimic psychiatric disorders. After any testing, you will have a follow-up appointment to discuss your test results and create a custom treatment plan with me. 

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